Our Story

We are Tråd Collective. A sustainable clothing and lifestyle shop selling the complete sustainable concept with everything from pre-loved to upcycled to responsibly and ethically made items. 


Now we operate both in-store and online to make it easy for our customers to shop in the way they want to, where they want to.


In our shop in Headingley, Leeds we have our own in-house studio. Not only do we make our own garments there, for our brand Wanner Label, but we also offer all sorts of tailoring services for our customers. Anything from mendings to alterations to made-to-order garments. We've got you covered!


How it all started:


Tråd Collective was born from he idea of creating a platform where people could easily shop sustainably in Leeds. The idea came from the owners James and Jo, who after making a New Years resolution to only shop sustainably, realized how difficult that was to do in Leeds. There was very few options for sustainable fashion that wasn't second-hand and most of the second-hand shops were so full of things that it was hard to find what you were looking for without spending hours going through piles of clothes. They also realized how much research it goes into finding out if brands are actually sustainable or not. 

James and Jo quickly saw that there was a lack of sustainable clothing shops in Leeds that actually made it easy for the customer to shop sustainably, and so they decided to do something about it.

They started out by selling Jo's own upcycled clothing brand Wanner Label and curated second-hand clothes in markets around Leeds. There they started building connections with other small local brands as well as learn about what it actually is that the customer wants and needs. 

After a lot of careful consideration they decided to open up a shop in Headingley, combining all the different aspects of sustainability. 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


These are words we live by and words that easily breaks down and explains an aspect of sustainability that is easy for everyone to apply to their everyday life.

Reduce - We offer mendings and alteration in our studio so that our customers can use their clothes for longer and consume less.

Reuse - We have a large selection of high-quality, curated pre-loved clothes. There are so many used items out there that are still in great condition and have a long life left to live.

Recycle - We stock a variety of sustainable brands that use recycled materials in their production.

(And if you would like to add a forth pillar, Upcycle, which we do with our own brand Wanner Label)